100 % Classic Cotton T's

Standard Cotton

Go-to choice for affordable garments. When low cost and quality are needed, this group of shirts offers both.


TYPICAL USES: Vacation Bible school, promotional give-aways, fundraising events, family reunions, school trips & anywhere long-term "new look"  appearance isn't necessary.


Largest amount of colors!

PRO- Cotton

Provides a more durable cotton fabric that will stand up to more abuse.


Offers a softer feel


TYPICAL USES: Contractors, service companies, companies needing shirts to stay looking "new" longer, where a nicer quality T-Shirt is desired. Promotional shirts that will have a longer lifespan for additional brand exposure.


Costs only ~$0.75-$1.25 more per shirt !

Fashion Cotton

This is the fabric shirts you buy from NIKE & ADIDAS are made from. They are the T-shirts with a wonderful feel and tight weave that will keeps their new look the longest of all the cotton T's. They also offer the best surface for higher detailed screen printing. Nearly all designer brand T-Shirts use this type of cotton T-Shirt.


TYPICAL USES: Anywhere quality is very important. Custom branding, restaurant servers, retail associates, souvenirs & any  service industries wanting a nicer look.


Costs~ $2.50-$4.00 More than STD Cotton

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